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slot machines ontario

After I was unable to locate anyone local within the Windsor, Ontario area to service my IGT Double Diamond Run slot machine, I happened across Wade Domet's posting on "kijiji." Wade gave me extremely prompt and very helpful direction via a series of e-mail correspondence that enabled me to: determine the issues with my slot machine; and locate and remove the board. As a result of his help, it was determined that I had a low main battery and a casino related battery that was not needed that could damage my board if it leaked. After deciding that I did not wish to replace the main battery and remove the other battery myself, I mailed my board to Wade for the repairs. Wade made the repairs immediately, and promptly mailed the board back to me. The slot machine now works great!! If not for Wade, I would still have a useless slot machine sitting in my family room. Thank-you so much Wade!!!!

Baran Family

The package came in yesterday and I picked it up today and I'm very glad to say my slot machine is working perfectly and the white vents covers are exactly what I was looking for, thank you for going out of your way to pick those up and for once again providing such exceptional customer care.Thank you very much one very satisfied customer :-)

Peter Marrrows, Anns Cartage and Moving

I want to thank you for helping me resolve my slot machine problems via email at no charge! Even though I have never purchased the slots from you, I have tried to contact other shops to no avail -- receiving no response to my slot machine questions. I'm glad there are still people like you in the world that will take time out to help others.

Robert Hendrik

When I finished my basement I had a base made and put the machine next to my bar. Looks great. About 2 years later I had a little mechanical problem and was very afraid, but needlessly. Wade was very helpful and with a couple of emails the problem was easily diagnosed and simply fixed. Top notch post sales service. Much appreciated.

Michael Ellis, Oakville, ON

The machine was delivered yesterday and I took it home in the evening. I am impressed of the condition (inside and out) and very pleased with my purchase. I installed it late last night and threw about a hundred coins in the hopper and turned it on. We tested it with another hundred coins and a few bills. All seems in order. Thanks again

Alain, Montreal, PQ

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